Monday, May 08, 2006

The Beginning of the End

Are you ready?

The pre-show so far has been nothing but chaotic. Sony's presentation was considered a complete failure by many. Their blatant "borrowing" of Nintendo's technology was a foresighted, inevitable thing. You see, while Sony had this "innovation" on paper, they failed to ever do anything with it until Nintendo did all the hardwork for them. I work, or my team does anyway, with development of a few Sony-based products. We were not informed about this new feature at all, which stuns me. Have you read anything about other developers other than those demonstrated being in the light of Sony's controller?

No matter. Sony can only steal so much thunder, and tomorrow you will understand. Nintendo knew Sony would pull a trick like this. I don't know if they knew about this beforehand or not (I am relying on 3 week old information this time around), but I do know that they prepared for the worst. Tomorrow is the big day.

So, what's the news about tomorrow? What will you see? Ha!
Tomorrow belongs to Nintendo.

You will learn of the Virtual Console, that's for sure. It's the biggest thing planned next to the other. Nintendo have decided to price the games based on the platform they're played on. At the time I was informed, I don't know the prices. They weren't confirmed to me. What was confirmed, though, was that Nintendo have almost fully secured the entire library of games not released as a first party title. Every dev. I've talked to seems to be estastic to be a part of the Nintendo family. The Virtual Console will be somewhat limited at first, with the more obscure gaming titles released later on. They plan on releasing bulks of certain games. For instance, one week you may get a few less popular Mario titles such as Mario is Missing and that one number game that slips my mind at this moment. Games will be grouped and released in sets. You can be assured that the most popular games will be out on launch day. The Virtual Console itself will be fully free except for the actual games themselves obviously. Nintendo is taking advantage of the age restrictions that must be determined once you power the console on. They are making it widely known that if you have younger children, you need to set it up for them. Why? Well, to control the more violet games on the console (and believe me, you'll see a handful at E3) and to determine what level of Wi-Fi access they are concessioned. Wi-Fi will have a feature that connects gamers together across the globe. You need a friend code of everyone to add them to your profile and enable them to be a trade partner with you. It works the same way as the DS, only their are much more options this time around. Younger children, the age has been determined yet, are not allowed to have that specific of information on their user profile. They can have the basics, but cannot actually talk/text to the person(s) they are playing against. They are not allowed to share photos except the ones they purchase with their points. Teenagers have their own limits, but can only talk to other teenagers. They are allowed profile pictures so long as they get approved beforehand. Adults can only talk to other adults. The exact age perimeters have not been set at this time.

Super Mario will make his long awaited appearance in what will be his greatest adventure yet. You will not be upset. This game had rough work done on the 64, had a ton of work done on the Gamecube, and then was ported and enhanced greatly for the "Revolution". It won't be your typical Mario game. It even has a storyline unrelated to "Bowser captured the princess, rescue her." This game will be more traditional in a few ways, and totally different in just as many ways. Old suits from past games, the cape and frog suit to name a few, will make their re-debut. New suits/attacks are introduced, such as his freeze flower attack and super spin dash maneuver. These act as special moves that can only be obtained by defeating special enemies located in the stage. Holding the A button while twirling the remote in a clockwise motion will determine how big the fire/freeze ball is and how fast it will move.

Super Smash Bros. will also debut tomorrow. It is true that this game is being rushed, but I assure you that from the little I have heard about it (sorry guys), they are working overtime to make sure this isn't a sloppy job on such an anticipated game. Wi-Fi action may be cut from the release, which isn't a good move on Nintendo's part. So far, the roster is at 42 characters with multiple unlockable costumes. The trophies can be traded via Wi-Fi (this is the 100% online feature so far) with those on your friends list. The plan is to make it so if you can get every single trophy in the game (you will need to do some trading), a special goodie is in store for you. Maybe it's an 8-bit mode? Hmm....

I am running short of time.

What can I say? The future is tomorrow and the days after on the show floor. You might catch me on TV tomorrow! Who knows. The true graphics of this system will be dazzling on the show floor tomorrow. You will experience something special. I will not spoil it for you...there is no reason to. I will update RtR this week, hopefully before Friday, maybe even tomorrow. Don't get your hopes up again. You know how I am with timing.

Before I forget:

The Nintendo Wiivolution (okay, okay) will come with 2 controllers and controller attachment pieces, as well as a set number of free downloads for each era. This is tentative, but this is what it is so far.

Have fun gamers. Believe me or not, it doesn't matter. The truth comes out tomorrow. I have had much fun.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Patience is a virtue.

Wiilcome, my friends.

I've told too many lies to redeem myself. I've gotten your hopes up and hurt my reputation in the progress. I've given you dates, beams of anticipation, hopes...and fell through in the end.

I am in a remote location close to L.A. In the next few days, I will be at the most import event this year for gaming and this blog in general. I have a few interviews planned on that day, one of which is scheduled with G4 Media Inc. For my own well being, you can't know who I am. I can't even tell you what gender I am. I will, though, drop a hint that only my dedicated readers would recognize. More on that later.

Tomorrow night - Monday. I don't know what time, but you need to be here. I refuse to let you down on the day before the big Nintendo conference. I'll elaborate on my absence a bit. I'll give you things I promised months ago. I have so much information right now that it's a stuggle to keep it covert.

I've dealt with so much trouble the past two months that it's not even funny. I will be taking a RISK like no other. Nintendo knows who I represent, and only by a stoke of luck I escaped losing my position with my company. I want to do this, though. I want to do this for all the fans annoyed with Nintendo's neglect toward the hardcore gamer out there. I was once one of you.

Things need to be explained, but I need sleep. Do NOT forget to come here tomorrow. Tell all the people who lost faith in me long ago to stop by. I will deliver...I promise.


Friday, March 31, 2006

Hello, again.

The Nintendo "Revolution" is coming out in June.

Love, RtR.

April fools! Your patience for real news will be met within days.

Friday, January 20, 2006

The new home of RTR!

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